Building the next generation of Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters & Team Facilitators with a thorough understanding of Agile, the right mindset to change and the practical coaching experience to support any organizations on their journey to agility.



  • The Academy for Agile Coaches is a good place for learning, not only for new theoretical knowledge, but also to put it into practice. The most important part is the interaction between members of the community and the facilitator in each session. This sharpens my knowledge from simple theory to practical expertise. The knowledge is broadened with many aspects, which are covered each session. The program also features exercises to follow your learning to help you practice and apply in real-case scenarios.
    Tai Nguyen
    Scrum Master
  • Struggling with how to do my job better as a Scrum Master, especially when handling more than one Scrum team, I was introduced to the Agile Coaching Academy by a friend. After two months into that program, I have completely transformed. I learned new competences, but also my mindset has changed, and I approach my challenges differently. I especially learned small pieces of knowledge, which are crucial to fill the gaps for me seeing and understanding the bigger picture. I am not only getting knowledge from this academy, but it also provides me with tools, methods, skills, and practices to deal with my daily work. Currently, I have not solved all my struggles yet, but with new competences, new friends, more energy, and more confidence, I know what to do and how to deal with it. Thank you, new community!
    Betty Tran
    Scrum Master
  • I have learned a lot from the Academy for Agile Coaches from both the instructor and classmates. It is a structured and comprehensive program which helped me to enforce and systemize my knowledge as well as learning new competences. The knowledge and practices are not just theory but also practical and can be applied in daily work effectively. I believe, the program can support agilists and organizations effectively that are aiming for higher goals.
    Thu Pham
    Scrum Master
  • After joining the Academy, I not only learned new knowledge, but also realized, that a lot of what I knew already, needed more clarity. I appreciate it to be able to learn and share with the community.
    Hoang Nguyen
    Agile Coach


As an aspiring Agile Coach, you are getting on a quest to becoming the best Agile Coach, you can be. It is designed as an online role playing game: You decide on a specific character, which has different expertise and skills in Experience Points. Experienced Points can be gained through attending live sessions in small groups on different topics. It is up to the student, which sessions to attend and helping them on their journey to become this character.


Our Academy is designed like a graduation program; similar to a part-time MBA program at a university*.
As a participant, you have access to the  most comprehensive Agile program up to date.

* Disclaimer: Our academy is not a licensed or in any form accredited university program.


As a participant, you have access to our private Discord server. This allows you to self-learn from provided materials and information, but also learn from other’s experiences, share articles and stay updated on schedules and program.


As we are currently looking for ways on how we can improve your journey to better coaching, we offer full access to the academy and community fully for free! Sign up now!